Technology Partnership SDPL – DURA For UHPC

The UHPFRC technology is patented with M/s. DURA Technology Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. We, M/s. Shinde Developers Pvt Ltd has executed Technology Transfer. Agreement with M/s. DURA to bring & implement this technology in India.

This Technology of concrete results 30 to 35% savings in construction costs specially for Concrete Structures.

Ministry of Surface Transport and Highways has already approved our proposal for adoption of this technique in bridge construction works.

Through Ministry Appointed National Panel of Experts, we are in advance stage of incorporating the subject Break-Through concrete Technology in Indian Standards and specifications.

First In India higher span bridge construction by this UHPFRC Technology will be constructed by us by Dec-2018.

SDPL has become the exclusive partner to DURA®Technology Sdn Bhd for the South-Asian market for distributing it\s patented. “ultra-high performance cementitious composite”(UHPC). This is a construction material embraced the total solution for most engineering aspects. In a better perception, DURA® is a cement-based material that exhibits unique characteristics judged by high durability, extremely high strength and ductility which makes it an excellent resistance against abrasion, blasting and impact loading which will eliminate the used of conventional steel reinforcing bars in its design.

DURA® Ultra-High Performance ‘ductile Concrete possesses very high strength and ductile composite formulated by the combination of Portland cement, silica fume, fine silica sand, superplasticizer, and very high strength discrete steel fibers. This material provides the compressive strength of 150 MPa and flexural strength of 30 MPa respectively in 28 days. DURA® has the ductility and durability unachievable by conventional concrete. With the immense strength and ductility, it could be the architects’ ‘dream-come-true’ material. It is also proved to be aesthetically promising as a maintenance factor is almost negligible. UHPC comes in many profound attributes which made this material eligibility simply a ‘breakthrough advanced engineered material’.

About Us

DURA’ Technology Sdn Bhd (DURA) was founded in Malaysia in January 2006, aims to lead the development of technologies in the building and construction industry of Malaysia Achieving the pioneer status of material called the Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), the organization patented a product known as DURA. exclusively used to control cost-effectiveness, high durability, strength, and reliable ductility. DURA gives excellent resistance against blasting. high impact loading and abrasion, prolonging wear and tear, eliminating usage of conventional steel reinforcing bars.

DURA specializes in building bridges and other innovative structures with advanced technology thus leading the industry to venture into the construction system. DURA is fully committed to exploring more possibilities sustainable concrete and constructional materials, alongside with protecting health, safety and environment.

DURA Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

In a world constantly on the move, the journey towards more sustainable infrastructures is one well worth .vestment. At DURA, we’re exploiting the technology of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) to support the visionary of sustainable construction. DURA is producing high-quality UHPC precast components that have superior durability and prolonged service life, which can also help reduce embodied energy and CO2 emissions, compared to standard products.

DURA is the trade name for our blend of Ultra-High Performance Concrete(UHPC), formulated by combining a blend of ordinary Portland cement, cementitious additive, fine sand, and very high strength steel fibers. This material delivers a minimum 28 days characteristics compressive and flexural strength of up to 150 MPa and 20 MPa, respectively. Below are the key features of DURA.

Durability Performance

Its chemical & physical structure produces a super dense and hard matrix making it highly resistant to weathering, chemical attack, hydraulic scoring, and salt/chloride ingression.

Ductility Performance

Dura has a higher ductility comparable to structural steel, Experimental studies have shown that crack width of 0.05mm at serviceability and ultimate limit states, respectively.


Zero coarse aggregates improved home gently and optimized granular-packing of the concrete matrix.


DURA exhibits extremely good flowability and behave like self-consolidating concrete, sometimes referred to as “liquid stone”.

R & D

Dura is technology was built through extensive R & D. All products undergo proper study and extensive testing in the laboratory before launch.

Design & Analysis

UHPC being is an advanced material, tremendous amount of effort has been invested into R & D and design methods for optimization of it attributes.

Engineering Maximization

Carefully designed projects with longer spans and shallower sections carry overall lighter weight, with more than 200 years of service life and up to 70% savings on total life-cycle cost.


DURA consumes less materials and energy, thus contributes less CO2 to the atmosphere, supporting the concept of sustainability.

Let’s Move Forward To More Sustainable Infrastructures

“DURA Teolnclogy Sdn. Bhd. is proud to introduce an advanced construction material engineered to be extremely durable and environmentally friendly and to inspire the creation of innovative building elements.”

Quick Facts

  • Dura is at least 100 times more durable than Grade 60 marine concrete, in terms of impermebility, water resistance and carbonation resistance.
  • Structure & elements made from DURA are generally half the volume and weight of conventional concrete elements.
  • DURA is an economical solution for life-cycle cost performance.
  • DURA in typically at least 4 times stronger than conventional grade 40 normal strength concrete.
  • DURA is at least 100 times higher in fracture energy than any conventional concrete. This means, for example, significantly better impact resistance & ductility.
  • DURA is a green material and supports the concept of sustainable development.
  • DURA is an ideal material for Archi-Structural design.

Applications of DURA UHPC

  • Infrastructures:- Ultra light and slender sections for pedestrian and vehicular bridges in any kind of terrains.
  • Impact resisting structures:- Security panels against impact, seismic and blast loads, crash safty barriers, bunker, bomb shelter, strong room and heavy duty floor.
  • Buildings:- Light-weight and slender beams , slabs and column system; long span floors and roofs, thin facade panels, prefabricated bathroom unit(PBU), prefabrictaed prefinished volumetric construction(PPVC).
  • Others:- Architectural features, acoustic barriers, structural walls, marine/sea walls and decks, anchorage plates, leave inp-place forms/moulds , containers, manhole covers, storage tanks, tower, poles.

Material characteristics comparison of DURA against normal strength concrete (NSC) and high performance concrete (HPC).

Characteristics Unit Standards NSC HPC DURA
Specific Density Kg/m3 BS EN 12390-7 (2009) 2300 2400 2350-2450
Cylinder Comprenssive Strength MPa AS1012, 9(2014) 20-50 50-100 130-160
Cube Comprenssive Strength MPa BS EN 12390-3 (2009) 20-50 50-100 140-170
Creep Coefficient AS1012, 16(2014) 2-5 1-2 < 0.5
Post Cured Shrinkage AS1012, 13(2015) 1000-2000 500-1000 < 100
Modules of Elasticity GPa BS EN 12390-13 (2013) 20-35 35-40 40-50
Poisson's Ratio 0.2 0.2 0.2
Elastic Tensile Strength MPa SIA 2032 (2016) >2 >4 >7.0
Ultimate Tensile Strength MPa SIA 2032 (2016) N/A N/A >7.7
Modules of Rupture MPa BS EN 12390-5 (2013) 2.5-4 4-8 15-30
Rapid Chloride permeability coulomb ASTM C1202 (2005) 2000-4000 500-1000 < 100
Chloride Diffusion Coeffiient m2/a ASTM C1558 (2004) 4-8x10 1-4x10 0.05-0.1x10
Carbonation Depth mm BS EN 14630 (2003) 5-16 1-2 < 0.1
Abrassion Resistance mm ASTM C944 (1999) 0.8-1.0 0.5-0.8 < 0.03
Water Absorption % BS1881-122 (2011) >3 1.5-3.0 < 0.2
Initial Surface Absorption ml/(m2/s) BS1881-208 (1996) 0.7 (10 min)
0.2 (120 min)
0.1 (10 min)
0.05 (120 min)
< 0.02 (10 min)
< 0.01 (120 min)